Bring your inner hero to life... it builds character

A hero is born

Warriors, wizards, priests, archers - your epic adventure begins as you build your hero. What powers, special skills and style will you bring to your character and brigade? From fireballs and freezing spells to a rain of poisoned arrows, the little heroes in this big story can do it all. Here's your chance to get your hero on.

Get Your Hero On



The warrior is a force of nature: he can endure many hits, protecting his more vulnerable teammates. This expert in duelling can withstand a great deal of attacks, while still dashing out a lot of damage in the area surrounding him.


Being the most agile little hero, the archer possesses many abilities that allow him to use his weapon of choice, the bow, to its full potential. Whether it be a rain of arrows or a poisoned-tipped arrow, few heroes can compete with his long range attacks. He has also mastered the magic of shadows, striking his enemies when they least expect it.


The Mage is a master of magic. He can restrain his enemies with the spells he launches from a safe distance. He also has the possibility to freeze enemies, teleport or launch spells that will affect a big area of the combat zone, laying waste on multiple opponents.


Dedicated to the service of his team, the Priest uses his great inner wisdom to heal and protect his teammates. A few Priests have even been known to also deal with the dark arts, resurrecting fallen comrades and siphoning the life force of their enemies.


Adept with his hands, the Engineer is always trying out his latest inventions on the battlefield: towers that automatically attack his enemies, small walking bombs that detonate on contact or invisible mines that stun or damage any enemies that dares underestimate his combat ability.

Battle minions in style

Hit the battle field in style with these dandy skins and hats. Because even heroes need some pimpin' sometimes, these special items will bring your character unique skills and style. Touch to learn more.

our heroes wear many hats...
  • Bunny Ears
    For those that like carrots and jumping around
    450VC / 700,000 Gold
  • Demon Horns
    For the ones with a little evil side
    450VC / 700,000 Gold
  • Jester Hat
    For those with a little crazy side
    450VC / 700,000 Gold
  • Panda Hat
    For those that feel zen and love bamboo
… and many skins
  • Alice Skin
    A dress for a girl looking for magical adventures
    650VC / 1,000,00 Gold
  • Blue Warrior
    A metallic armor for the warrior with a nice copper helmet
  • Madhatter Skin
    A special costume for the would-be magicians
    650VC / 1,000,000 Gold
  • Chinese Panda
    A nice traditional Chinese style shirt with a Panda Hat
    650VC / 1,000,000 Gold

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Monsters, Minions & Other Unpleasantries

What's a world of action adventure without its share of nasties? And our nasties aren't the kind to be reasoned with. Check out their particular brand of badness as you mouse over each beastie.

  • Crab
    The high-class crab is always thirsty. Even if there is water all around it, the high-class crab is always looking for some exquisite water. That’s why he made the healing fountain his new trendy place to be. Maybe we’ll see him in his tuxedo one day
  • Minion
    The two big statues constantly create these little guys in order to protect them. They both have the same symbols drawn on them. Minions rush to the enemies and don’t care to die if it allows keeping their “mother” safe.
  • Pigasus
    This very big monster is one very nervous pig. He lives in the sky, and when it’s hearing all the Little Heroes wars, it can’t help but come and attack everyone to make them stop. Pigasus also engulfed a Pirate Ship once that was hiding tons of treasures. Maybe will you be able to find out the chests if you’re strong enough to fight Pigasus!
  • Yeti
    With her little bow on her head, (yes, it’s a girl) the yeti is peacefully eating her lollipop. As everyone knows, NEVER DISTURB A YETI WHILE IT EATS ITS LOLLIPOP! She will attack you the second she saws you drawing near. The legend says that she comes from a mysterious candyland…

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A World Fantastical

Over snowcapped mountains and into deep lush forests, Big Story Little Heroes takes you into a complex, beautiful world of danger and discovery.

Meet the vandals

An inspired team of game creators on a mission to make everyone's favourite social network the world's best social gaming hub.

  • Thanh
  • Vince
  • Van

Built on the Vandal Games framework

Big Story Little Heroes is the first titles built on the Vandal Games Framework for Facebook. With over 100,000 monthly players and growing we build massively viral fun into every game we make.

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Thanh = Zel
Co-Founder, Game Designer

Special attack: Nerf & Buff gun
Zel uses his magical Nerf & Buff gun to make the game more balanced and fun

Vince = SkiD
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Special attack: Creative Trance
SkiD enters a deep meditative trance that grants him vision of the next big creative idea

Van = TrollVan
Co-Founder, CEO & Technical Director

Special attack: NERD RAGE!
Trollvan goes berserk with nerd rage and starts coding at lightning fast speed