Our services

From idea to final release!


Our team has more than 5 years experiences in making games for web and mobiles, we can bring your idea to reality! We strives best results with optimal cost for our customers!  Our warriors are from artists to engineers and phD in game development and computer sciences fields.

We have experiences with multiples games profiles from casual games to massive multiplayer online games!

If you’re seeking to unlock the full potential of the advanced software and hardware technologies the gaming industry is brimming with today, Vandal Games is the place to go. We’ve created scores of mobile games featuring a variety of popular game genres, honing our technical and engineering skills along the way during contract engagements and in-house development. They include:

  • Casual games for browser games, HTML5, smartphones and tablets
  • Online games – with security and no cheat possible
  • Educational games, Promotional games, Serious games and more…
  • Social features
  • Cross platforms
  • Stream-able games



Use our technology or use a existing one

Vandal Games provides multiple tools to help the development process:

V.Net – Network technology
Easy to use framework allowing TCP/UDP client-server integration into any type of game securely trougth WebGL, PC or mobiles.

V.World – Streamed technology
Minimize bandwidth use by streaming only needed content

V.Up – Multi-servers management technology
Allows developers to easily control multiple instances and servers. V.Up can create, update, do load balancing and real-time reporting

If you want to try one of our product, please contact us!