No Way Out


Something had to give. We just never expected everything to go at once.

Our greed and arrogance ruled us. We poisoned the air and the land, and gorged ourselves of the world’s resources until mere drops were left. We should have seen the signs, but we were too busy fighting.

Starting with the mighty United States themselves, the world’s governments are collapsing one after the other like blood-soaked dominoes. And like parasitic wasps hatching from their dying hosts, the corporations have fed on the corpses of nations, their power now rivaling history’s mightiest empires.


So we keep fighting. Not for God, not for justice, not even for a better world. We fight to survive. We fight for our masters who rule this world from their corporate city-states, where every corporate citizen is given a job, a home, and a personal business plan. The CEOs are the all-powerful feudal lords of the wasteland, the tie-wearing khans of a world gone mad.

We are the outcasts, serving all masters but belonging to none. We are the guns they hire to settle trade disputes and drive shareholder value. Our weapons are as frightening as they are many: AI-guided cluster bombs, self-aware nanoswarms, and quantum-powered hunter drones.

And we will not stop. Not until the last barrel of oil is burnt, the last bullet spent. As long as there is profit to be made we will spill blood over it. The Apocalypse is coming and we have front-row seats.

Darkness is falling, but it doesn’t matter. We will burn the fuel of war long into the night.


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