Our Services

For Publishers

• Multiplayer (MMO) game development
Quickly connect millions of players from all over the world into a 3D game with our proven technology

• Expert of real-time player interaction
Secure client-server interactions between multiple users in real-time enhancing the quality of the gaming experience

• Fast development cycle
Agile-based methodology. Quick milestones iterations and flexible to market changes

• No download gaming
Allows players to quickly get into games without the download and installation process

• Cross-platform
Publish on multiple devices with minimum effort (PC, mobile, console, etc.)

• Social integration
Enhance the gaming experience with the help of social networks

For Developers

Vandal Games provides multiple tools to help the development process:

V.Net - Network technology
Easy to use framework allowing UDP client-server integration into any type of game securely

V.World - Streamed technology
Minimize bandwidth use by streaming only needed content

V.Up - Multi-servers management technology
Allows developers to easily control multiple instances and servers. V.Up can create, update, do load balancing and real-time reporting

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